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Mental Health Crisis In Spotlight At Capitol Rally

June 19, 2018 | By Drew Bollea

Dozens of California organizations came together on Tuesday on the steps of the capitol to push for funding and solutions to the state’s mental health crisis.

“Hospitalizations, relapse, arrests, jail time and trying to find help for her,” said Harold Tuner.

His daughter was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He was at the capitol to show support for the newly formed coalition.

“I had no knowledge of mental illness, frankly hadn’t thought about it very much, but now it was in my home,” said Turner.

He’s spent years working through cluttered state programs with few options.

“Our trip was a long and meandering trip through many systems,” said Turner.

The coalition of 50 organizations in California includes medical associations, law enforcement, and advocacy groups.

“A commitment on behalf of our elected leaders, on behalf of our lawmakers to make behavioral health a priority,” said Carmela Coyle, the CEO of the California Hospital Association.

They’re pushing for prevention and intervention, crisis response and workforce development.

“Making certain we have the people we need to help those with behavioral challenges,” said Coyle.

The group says voters have made mental health a priority and it’s time for lawmakers to act.

“Ultimately, we’re going to need the funds necessary to really make a difference in the behavioral health of Californians,” said Coyle.

After years of being quiet about his family’s situation, people like Turner are hoping more dialogue will lead to better services for those in need.

“Nothing but optimistic about her future,” said Turner.

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