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Help During a Crisis

*If this is an emergency that requires immediate assistance call 911 and ask for a CIT trained officer (Crisis Intervention Trained officers have been trained in mental health de-escalation).*

Additionally, Monterey County has a “Mobile Crisis Team” that is comprised of Monterey County Behavioral Health Crisis Social Workers that are sometimes available to visit and evaluate the ill person in the community or at their home.
Call 911 and ask for the Mobile Crisis Team or Call the Natividad Crisis Line at 831-755-4111 to speak to a Crisis Team member.

The following is a helpful guide when calling 911 regarding a mental health-related crisis.

Additional links and information regarding mental health crises:
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Mental health crises are unfortunately difficult moments that many individuals and family members experience every day. Know that NAMI Monterey County is here to help. You are not alone. If you’d like to speak to someone about how to receive support for you or your loved one, feel free to contact us at 831-422-6264.

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