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Help Finding a Provider

Help Finding a Private Psychiatrist/Therapist/Psychologist

*Disclaimer: NAMI policy does not allow direct referral to a Private Provider. Therefore NAMI does not provide a list of mental health professionals.*

Choosing a doctor or mental health provider is a personal decision that requires you to investigate and research to identify a professional that meets your specific mental health needs. We have provided the following links and information that might assist you in your search:

NAMI- Finding The Right Mental Health Professional For You

Mayo Clinic- Mental health providers: Tips on finding one

American Psychological Association- How to choose a psychologist Choosing The Right Mental Health Therapist


 Where do I look for a mental health professional?

  • Insurance Provider List (Especially for people with private insurance)
  • Local agencies/resources (Call us for more info)
  • Internet search (Some websites provided below)
  • Ask people you know for a referral or suggestion
  • Ask Primary Doctor for referral

Visit the following links and see “Find a therapist” for a list of some local mental health providers, not all providers may be listed.

*Disclaimer: NAMI is not liable for the information or actions of any Providers found on any outside link. As we stated, it is your personal responsibility and decision to choose a Provider that you are comfortable with and meets your mental health needs.*

Monterey County Chapter of Marriage and Family Therapists-

Psychology Today- Find a Therapist or Psychiatrist

Monterey Bay Psychological Association-

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